Add New Images

Images need to be 900 px wide @ 72 dpi

Left side click « Portfolio » > Add new

Fill in Title

Select Category e.g « Drawings » (on right)

Click « Add media » button to insert Large image in description area

Select picture, Add caption (same as title) on right add Alt text (same as title)

Set « Featured Image » thumbnail (on right)


Add News Entry

Edit Bio

How to Change the Order of the Images in the Portfolio

Open another new window to see website (you will have 2 windows open at the same time-one to do the work in and one to see the change)

Left side click « Portfolio »

Click on the name of the image you want to move

Look on the Right Side of the page

Under Categories, then under the Attributes you will see ORDER

In this Box Increase or decrease the number to move the image

Hit Update

Move over to the website window to see the change

Hit Refresh to see the change